“Massive irregularities” uncovered in GPF’s learner driver’s theoretical examination


….April 12 examination will have to be re-written- Police

The Head of the Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Office of Professional Responsibility, is in the process of conducting an investigation into allegations of “massive irregularities in the Guyana Police Force learner driver’s theoretical examination” which took place on Thursday April 12, 2018 at the Felix Austin Police College, Georgetown.
According to a statement from the GPF, a report was lodged by a Senior Pastor- who is the  Force’s Chaplain to the Commissioner of Police (ag), David Ramnarine and one of the invigilators to the April 12 examination.
In that report, it is alleged that at the conclusion of the stated examination “One hundred and seventy four (174) persons were registered to write the examination but one hundred and six (106) persons presented themselves on the day in question. However, two hundred and seven (207) scripts were received at the conclusion of the examination and one hundred and fifty five (155) of the two hundred and seven (207) scripts were completed.”
Police say that initial inquires revealed that a Senior Subordinate Officer who was mandated to oversee this theoretical examination in collaboration with two Pastors from the COPS and Faith Community Network partnership with the GPF, along with three junior ranks, left the examination venue shortly after the examination commenced and did not return.
Further it was reported that a Junior Subordinate Officer, who ought not to have been at the examination venue, presented himself, spent sometime and left, subsequently.
“The three Constables left the examination venue prior to the counting of the examination scripts by members of the COPS and Faith Community Network after the conclusion of the examination,” the police report said.
INews understands that only the members of the COPS and Faith community Network- the two pastors- were left in possession of the completed examination papers.
According to the police, preliminary inquires revealed a complete breach of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) governing the administration and conduct of the learner driver’s theoretical examination.
As such, “due to the circumstances, while the full and comprehensive investigation is awaited, the members of the public who sat the examination at the venue on the Thursday April 12, 2018, will have to resist the examination…regrettably, but deemed absolutely necessary. (They) will be informed of the date and time when they will have to resit that particular examination,” the police press statement said.
GPF’s statement also detailed that since the involvement of the members of the COPS Faith Community Network in the invigilation of the Learner Driver’s Theoretical and Practical examinations, there have been reports of a significant reduction in the opportunities for corruption, complaint  and allegations, while highlighting that this voluntary involvement will continue.
The completed investigation will be sent for legal advice.


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