Massive fraud uncovered at CJIA – AFC says

AFC Executive Member, Cathy Hughes.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes


AFC Executive Member, Cathy Hughes.
AFC Executive Member, Cathy Hughes.

[] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) says it has uncovered massive fraud at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) as it relates to the award of contracts.

At a press conference today, Thursday July 17, Executive Member, Cathy Hughes told reporters senior officials may be using their office to perpetuate fraud against CJIA.

“The AFC was made to understand that a senior employee who had attempted to defraud the company by identifying an imposter as a contractor to whom large sums of money were payable, is still on the job”.

Hughes further alleged that the individual was blacklisted by a local bank and can no longer transact business with the financial institution after their attempts were thwarted.

The AFC member noted that, “In almost every other organisation this employee would have been dismissed immediately but, according to reports reaching the AFC, the employee acts in collusion with senior colleagues in a tight knit circle committing various acts of fraud against the company including siphoning off building supplies to the construction and renovations of the homes of the same senior officials. Reports also point to a possible abuse of the Duty Free Concession.”

The Party is calling for a thorough investigation into “this massive illegality and for justice to be served.”

The AFC is yet to hand over this information to the Police to conduct its investigations and Hughes noted that this will be done until after all the information is gathered.

“The Alliance For Change is gathering evidence of the multitude of wrongdoings and while we understand that employees fear victimisation if they should report what is happening at the airport, we call on them to speak and help stop fraud.”

Hughes, also plans to “name names” if the matter is not investigated and persons are not held accountable for this type of illegality.

It was Hughes who uncovered the massive irregularities at the National Communications Network that led to the resignation of senior employees at the state run television.



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