Masked gunmen attack Corentyne bus driver


Three masked men attacked a minibus driver and shot him in a failed robbery attempt in Berbice on Thursday evening.

Police in a release said Takraj Boodram, 33, of Belvedere South Squatting Area, Corentyne, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) was about to enter his premises when three men approached him and one of them, who was armed with a firearm, discharged a round that hit him to his left side shoulder. He has since been hospitalised.

robberyEyewitnesses stated that Boodram, who lives alone, had just returned from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport after taking a neighbour who was returning to North America.

The bus stopped three gates away from Boodram’s residence where the passengers who had also travelled to the airport to accompany their relative disembarked. It was at this point that the three masked men were first seen.

One relative who asked to be anonymous explained that Boodram left and as he drove home, they noticed three men on bicycles in front of his gate. The men approached him as he drove up. “After them come up to him he drive the bus and come back this side and them men ride an come behind he and he brackle one of them right in front here.”

The source said there was an argument between one of the men and the driver while the other two rode off and stopped several metres away. “All of them had something tie around their face and the one with the red cloth, he stop by the bus and all I hear he asking the man what they doing here and he ain’t answering. He had his hand hanging on the bus window and he head out the bus.”

As Boodram bent forward to open the door, the perpetrator pulled a gun from his waist, aimed it at Boodram’s head and squeezed the trigger. Fortunately, as Boodram bent forward the bullet hit his shoulder and excited before shattering the bus window.

“He drive back after he get shoot and start holla fo help. Then the man on the bicycle ride away,” the eyewitness related, while adding that the shooter looked around and saw him looking over the fence. “We had to run to the back of the yard when he turn to shoot me.”

Boodram was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital and then transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital for further medical attention.

Meanwhile, the three men rode away after the lone gunshot was fired but remained in the community for some time before disappearing.




  1. Masked gunmen attack Corentyne bus driver
    Well Ramjhaatmook must place a ban on masks now since he done collect all the criminal guns.


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