Mash not cancelled – Minister Henry clarifies


 Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry. [iNews' Photo]
Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry, has cleared the air on the 2016 Mash Float Parade.

According to the minister, the float parade will be held, just not in February.

“Next year’s Mashramani will be observed in traditional ways, with the exception of the Float Parade, which will not occur on the 23rd (February) as is customary,” the Minister told the Government Information Agency during an interview at her office on Monday.

The purpose of this she noted, “is to celebrate Independence in a real big way.” It is expected that thousands of Guyanese will be returning to Guyana; some of them for the first time is many years, when Guyana observes it 50th Independence Anniversary in 2016.

Minister Henry pointed out that the shifting of the float parade is more of a win-win situation, since Mashramani 2016 will be focusing more on the youths. “The intention is to place more emphasis on our young people, our children in particular and to give us an opportunity to celebrate after hard work,” she said. In this light, the Minister made a call upon citizens to give support to the youths.

This shift in the Float Parade will not affect the other activities that Guyanese are used to participating in, such as the Chutney and Soca Competitions, the Masquerade and Steel Pan competitions, and all the other customary ones, said Minister Henry.

Henry also noted that the Government acknowledges that Republic day is a national holiday when people come together to celebrate after hard work, and they do not intend to change that.

She reiterated that, “Mashramani is not being minimized in any way. Mashramani will be observed and be celebrated in the traditional Guyanese style.”




  1. Guyanese were sleeping for the last 2 decades that their minds have become dormant. Over the last 2 decades the Pees government were doing the thinking for almost half of the Guyanese population…..thank goodness it was only ALMOST half. Our new government is wakening the sleepers to get up and start thinking again … and the new government is staring to bring about changes…changes for a better Guyana. And you should O government of Guyana…. that’s why the other more than half voted for you. Thank goodness more than half of us were awake.

    Anyway I welcome the decision to shift the float parade to Independence. After all we had to get Independence first , then Republic afterwards .

    Ms Minister , your Government is doing an excellent job so far , continue to bring good changes for all Guyanese.

  2. useless government mash is different from Guyana independence…republic is completely differ from may 26 ….never have we in Guyana history own these tow holiday as one ..and if so then Christmas and Easter should be one in April


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