Marriott hotel opening marred by protest action


By Tracey Khan-Drakes


The Protesters

[] – The ribbon cutting ceremony of the Marriott Hotel was today marred by protest action from Guyanese and members of the political opposition.

Even though the protesters were peaceful they were not allowed to enter Battery road, the entrance to the hotel since it was filled with ranks from the Guyana Police Force and security officials of the Hotel.  The other entrances were also blocked by ranks and barricades.

The protesters and officials from the opposition Political Parties were outraged by the police’s action.

Only Government and certain officials were allowed beyond the barricades, while others including workers from the forestry commission were forced to abandon their vehicles and walk.

City Mayor Hamilton Green was visibly upset after he was initially prevented from entering Battery road by the police. The Mayor is now calling for the restoration of democracy to Guyana, so that they can walk the streets of the city unhindered.

20150416_103503Green and other protesters were eventually allowed to enter Battery road to a certain point but were once again stopped by the large number of secutiry officials present.

A Partnership for National Unity Member, Ronald Bulkan speaking to members of the press questioned why, “taxpayers of this country denied access for viewing for that facility, even as we speak the PPP have advertisement boasting about returning democracy to Guyana…that there is freedom to descent, freedom of assembly…the denial by the police today, to deny citizens freedom of movement nails the lie to those advertisement that the PPP have.”

He believes government should have invested in the university and created more jobs instead of building a five star luxury hotel.

“I am here to express my displeasure and disgust at the state of financial lawlessness that exist in our country…the state should not be competing with the private sector, the state should be investing in infrastructure to take care of people’s every day needs, the state should focus their attention to save the collapsing sugar industry….they should focus on jobs because there is a high level of joblessness…the state should be focusing on ensuring that we have a five start university that we can offer a proper education for our citizens.”



  1. Dennis McKenzie, I disagree with your evil and Nauseating proclamation and I rebuke you on that and reverse that curse to you and all your PNC haters!!!! Guyana is a blessed country! We as Guyanese are bless! Guyana is bless! You are cursed because you are of Ham Generation, God has a reason to cursed you.
    Mr. Irksome McKenzie, We are the predesignated ones. God has chosen us and only Him has the power to promote and to demote.
    Bible says in romans 13 “Let everyone be subject to the Governing Authorities, for there is no authority except which God has established….. Whoever Rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted. Repent McKenzie, Repent!

  2. Just like the freeloaders of Linden.
    Free electricity.
    Free hotels?
    What else?
    Free to jay walk and cause trouble wherever yall want?
    That is Bull right Mr Bulkan?

  3. Allow only paying patrons.
    The place can become a circus just like Parliament.
    Loiterers should not be allowed.
    What is Green’s business there anyway?

  4. I believe,this country will never be blessed,unless or until these hypocrites are removed from the helm,wickedness in high places must STOP.Those who are happy now,let them enjoy themselves,their sad days draweth nigh.

  5. ppp must remember that the Bulkans get more votes than ppp n pnc combined so therefore the Bulkans and crew must be allowed to do whatever it choose to do. Hail to the Bulkan King

  6. Marriott belong to all Guyanese not the PPP. Furthermore Every Guyanese supposed to get to sleep there free and let the foreigners pay to sleep.

  7. What a public disgrace by Hamilton Green! Green was capture on tape lying to all the reporters that he is going to see the high tide. When asked by Leonard Girdarrie of Kooteur News” what really are you doing here” The old Pugnacious criminal cried out “I am walking with my assistant and all these citizens to check for high tide” Another Journalist rebuke by saying “But why with plack card”? Ronald Bulkan shouted “we are here for Marriott” What is wrong with this PNC? The whole recording is on the Internet now for the world to see those Camarilla for their HOOLIGANISM.
    Girl from na, You sure defecate on yourself to see how we are progressing!!!!
    All you PNC know is cry, boycott and Protest, run around in circle, murmur, grumble, loot, rig, and RIG. You PNC will rig to death. Go to Jonestown Graan you Junta !!

  8. Congratulation on great policing Police! I commend our Police for their professionalism and the way they were able to keep away those HOOLIGANS from our asset. Let them go to their shack. PPP is the builders and PNC the destroyers.
    Our Champion has promised to see Guyana Modernize and Guyana is being Modernize. Hallelujah!! Glory to Development! God Bless Guyana!
    Long Live the PPP! Let all PNC evil haters cry in the street. PPP forever!!!

  9. That is the PPP/C for you. Don’t worry there will be other times to picket the hotel. Guyanese should boycott the hotel and bring the brand down. that will solve the Marriott problem, at the end of the day all Marriott is interested in, is it’s brand. It’s brand will suffer in Guyana.


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