Market vendors say Town Clerk turning a blind eye to reports of theft of their goods


Over the past few days, there have been mounting calls for Royston King to be removed from his position as Town Clerk, with the vendors in front of the Stabroek Market being the latest group to endorse this call, since according to them, he is turning a blind eye to reports of theft of their goods, allegedly by persons who are employed by the market.

The stall from which goods were allegedly stolen
The stall from which goods were allegedly stolen

According to one of the vendors, who is also the Vice President of the Guyana Market Vendors Union (GMVU), Carol Carter, over 300 pairs of slippers have been taken away from her stall, which was “locked up” and unattended, for a short while.

“I left to go do some business, and come back and see all the slippers that I had hang up right around my stalls, gone. Over $300,000 in goods they thief!” she told INews.

Another elderly vendor also had a few items taken away from her stall, without explanation.

The vendors claimed that they are being targeted because of this position within the Market Association.

Other vendors who were around at the time of the ordeal were able to produce video footage to this online publication to view. “Royston King got to go! As well as Mr.Gordon! They intend to make we suffer. We making a living. Legally. We ain’t selling drugs!”

Additionally, the President of the GMVU, Eion Andrews stated that upon going to the Brickdam Police station to lodge a report, Carter was told that they (police) would not take her statement on the issue. No reason for this was given.

However, when the Acting Deputy Market Clerk, who identified herself as “Ms. Smith”, was approached with the evidence, she indicated that she was unaware of what had transpired, but intends to conduct a follow up.



  1. Ha ha, when you vendors and big city residents had SHOOBA doing the right things, there was disappointed in her work, what happen now, where is MASSIVE PROTEST?


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