Market vendors hold funeral service for Carol Sooba

The coffin bearing a well dressed doll. [iNews' Photo]


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The coffin bearing a well dressed doll. [iNews' Photo]
The coffin bearing a well dressed doll. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – City vendors today held a funeral service for Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba and a procession was led through the streets of Georgetown.

Many were astonished when they saw a group of people walking down Regent Street with a small coffin and a doll dressed in red, whose makeup was also neatly done.

The vendors sang a number of popular funeral hymns, including ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ as they took the casket around with the doll inside.

They were begging persons to view the body because they were taking the dead to be buried.

During a press conference, Mayor Hamilton Green said the persons who did the ‘funeral service’ are unknown to him, as he labeled them “concerned citizens.”

The Mayor told reporters that it was a spontaneous move and the ‘concerned citizens’ group will be joined by other groups to carry out this type of activity.

He said this is a good thing, since the Town Clerk prevented law abiding citizens from entering City Hall compound yesterday for a meeting with himself and a number of other councilors.




  1. where are the Christian churches???? is it nothing to you? let us hear your comment on what Guyanese are doing with your songs of worship? righteousness exalt a nation….

  2. so for you APNU told their supporters to get a coffin and go on the road and do such an act right? smh you people will never change this is a very disrespectful statement to the APNU leaders and fellow supporters who had nothing to do with this act…. Guyana is so racial its a wonder how when time come all of you who behaving like you care about this country just up and leave when you ready and never look back, it feels good to stifle Guyanese Afro-Guyanese in particular, even to the minority indo Guyanese are being punished in this country talk about things like that. youre behaving as if soba is an Angel.

  3. really the trash some of you people might say, why everything have to be racial when you people do your analyzing? only Indian people were harmed in those protest.. yes they are wrong to do what they did it is highly disrespectful what they did but come on you people are behaving as if black people are the worst thing that happen to Guyana without black people would Guyana be Guyana… whatever happen to One People One Nation One Destiny

  4. no shame———-no pride——-no decency—— no morals—–and the beauty of it is that they think they are right——–in their warped brains something terribly wrong with certain people. it why they keep crying all others depressing them.——–they just cant help themselves ———cant think for themselves………..its sad but true—-uneducated——–

  5. preposterous and uncanny you don’t seem to understand that it’s one of the noble prerogative of the citizens of any country to protest,sometimes civil disobedience is a necessity.

  6. We have a lot of ignorant people here In Guyana ! People have this saying that Guyanese people is very hospitable !! No no my friend ! There’re the worst set of people ! That was a very stupid thing to do ! If anyone vote for apnu there’re goin backwards ! Vote betterment not race ! That’s my contribution !

  7. what kind of mentality do these people have? this reminds me of their protests against janet jagan. when pnc people been wining up on white dolls as if they indulging in sex and wukking obeah in the streets. the only people in the western world who do this kind of thing is Haiti. it is no wonder that the pnc took this country which was once the most prosperous country in the Caribbean under jagan and made it the second poorest in the western world under burnham. Hamilton greene , who claimed to experience a moral revival ,should be ashamed to encourage this kind of behavior. shame! shame! mr moral and spiritual revival.

  8. Any person elected to a public office and chose to have a tout and bad egg like shawn h,,,,,ds is a bad example for respect for the laws of the country, who is paying this fool to walk around doing security , hope the tax payers not doing that , if not we might have to pay the criminals 2,

  9. Are these so call street protest going to go the way they always go? With the innocent indian men and women getting robb and rape and stripped of the clothing in public like they did in the past ,,eg the innocent woman that was forced to have oral sex in the public we forget this is all the the criminals do, the law have to take its place

  10. Apnu / vendors are fuel for hell fire. Ppl who support this kind of thing is only devilish.
    That’s y they will only be known as opposition. They have no good in them a swarm of africanized bees. Their motto: kill or be killed.


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