March held to end Domestic Violence against women in Guyana


As concerns continue to rise over the upsurge of Domestic Violence cases in Guyana for the year thus far, the largest march in support of raising awareness on the issue was today held.

Hosted by the Guyana Stop Violence organisation, the March kicked off in front of Parliament, Brickdam at 15:00hrs.

Clothed in white and purple, the marchers then proceeded to South into Avenue of the Republic, East into Durban Ttreet, South into George Street, East into Norton Street, North into Creen Street, East into Durban Street, North into Louisa Road, Into Cummings Street, East into Church Street, South into Albert Street, Into Sandiman Place, East into Brickdam and concluded at the Square of the Revolution where a rally was held.

Live entertainment along with moving Tributes were all a part of the event as the organisation work to stop the crisis.

According to a member of the organisation head, Bonita Montaque “We need everyone out here because too many women are dying, too many children are suffering and too many families are in pain”.


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