Many questions, no official answer – in controversial death of GDF Officer


Shrouded in controversy, one of the hot topics of discussion over the past few days has been the death of Army Intelligence Oficer, Sergeant Robert Pyle, more specifically as it relate to numerous conflicting reports that have emerged about the covert operation he was involved in at the time of his demise.
Law enforcement officers have so far refuse to officially divulge any information about the circumstances surrounding the death of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) officer, leaving many unanswered questions within the public domain.
Sources have revealed that Sergeant Pyle was called out to duty on the night of December 30 to engage in a stakeout operation in relation to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) investigation into the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL).

The late GDF Sergeant, Robert Pyle
The late GDF Sergeant, Robert Pyle

At the time, he had just picked up his wife, Stacy, from her workplace at the Davis Memorial Hospital and was heading home.
Sources say that Sergeant Pyle immediately took a detour and headed in the direction of NICIL Executive Director Winston Brassington’s Kingston home where another team of special officers were already stationed.
A source explained that Sergeant Pyle was required to report on the movement of any documents or suspicious figures in and out of Brassington’s home. While staking out the property, the Police team noticed a suspicious figure believed to be affiliated with Brassington entering a vehicle. The Police team reportedly began to tail the vehicle – against orders – after it took off.
According to the sources, Sergeant Pyle was never ordered to engage in a high-speed chase.

The chase led to Carifesta Avenue where the GDF Officer’s vehicle slammed into a canter, resulting in the death of three persons.
The source also revealed that there was a third person in Sergeant Pyle’s car and following the collision that person was pulled from the wreckage and rushed to a city hospital.

Despite a number of burning questions, law enforcement officials are yet to offer any information or clarity on this very serious incident, one that has sparked much controversy and brings to the fore many unanswered questions within the public domain.
Meanwhile, People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Clement Rohee, during the party’s weekly press conference on Monday, demanded that the relevant authorities come out with a statement on the matter. The Party also demanded to know why there was surveillance on Brassington’s private residence; who authorised the GDF rank to conduct surveillance; who gave political direction to SOCU to conduct surveillance; and who instructed the GDF to assist SOCU in any investigation among other questions.

The late Stacy Pyle
The late Stacy Pyle

Further, the PPP expressed that this particular incident resembled several during the Burnham era when the misuse of the security and intelligence community for political purposes was rampant.
Meanwhile, Sergeant Pyle and his wife, along with the driver of the canter, Linden Eastman, were killed following the smash-up on Carifesta Avenue.



  1. Wasn’t Basil Williams and Winston Felix on the phone orchestrating the movement of the police away from criminals. Roger Khan, albeit a criminal and should be treated as such, did Guyana a favor since the COP had little incentives to curb crime as it fueled his and his cohorts narrow political agenda. As old people say, when you don’t hear, you will feel and those that help put the APNU in power will also soon feel the brunt….by then, their mouth will be in their pants and/or they will cut and run….

  2. You are as dumb as one can get–you can fix and arm or leg but you cant fix stupid–Roger is in jail—the tide has taken a turn for the worst, Granger and his crew are all from the PNC cabal–and will never change–period,its in their genes–they were silent for awhile now they are baaaaaack in full force–the two knuckle head naga and ramjaaat are next –time will tell.PNC clique is alive and well.Soon Granger will be riding is horse on the back road like Burnham did and the dumb ass police will follow by running behind him reminds me of Burnham days–

  3. Many questions, no official answer – in controversial death of GDF Officer
    This is designed to implicate PPP by PNC but those PNCites are so dumb to do this.
    PNC tried the same garbage with Krum Ewing and it backfired in their ugly faces.
    The more PNC trying to daab shit on PPP is the more the memory of Guyanese will rise.
    Guyanese knows PNC past when it came to using police and army people to get what it wants.
    PNC going the same root again…I am willing to bet men like Nagamook / Rumjhaatmook and Ropenarinemook are under PNC radar.

  4. When many citizens of Guyana were being killed and many shallow graves at the back of the gardens with youths would you harry and friends say those were BRIGHT days? Was any explanation given for Roger Khan and the Phanton squad doing what the hell the felt like? You and many like you only remember what is convenient. Why a criminal like Khan and not the police COP was in control of the LAPTOP, Is it not freeDOMBhouse and its idols who say the police is not to be trusted,are you not happy with the army as well? How about hiring DOMB S hinds the self confessed criminal to give some answers RIP PeePeePee

    Guyana, compliments of the APNU/AFC, is going down the slippery road to the days of the PNC dictatorship. The Police and the GDF are now being used by this administration dominated by the PNC to do its dirty work just like the dark days of Burnham. Guyanese, stand up and defend democracy before it is too late.

  6. Dark days ahead in Guyana.. Police and Army being used by the govt to spy on the opposition, intimdate PPP supporters… people trailing you in dark tinted vehicles???? wonder these guys can’s get a grip of crime, simply because they are criminal themselves. That is exactly why the govt is so lax in enforcing the tint policy.


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