Manickchand willing to undergo lie detector test in Trotman’s alleged sex case

Jaya Manickchand
Jaya Manickchand

[] – Attorney – at – Law, Jaya Manickchand says she is willing to undergo a lie detector test to prove that her involvement in the case of Johnny Welshman and Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman was not politically motivated.

Manickchand, who is also the sister of Education Minister, Priya Manickchand is being accused by the Alliance for Change (AFC) Party, of which Trotman is a founding member, of being part of wider plan by the administration to tarnish the reputation of the AFC and Trotman.

In a statement issued on Wednesday night, the Attorney said, “I would be happy to take a lie detector test as to whether my involvement in this matter was in any way sinister and/or meant to distract from the AFC’s no confidence motion and/or to bring down the Speaker of the House or the AFC and/or in any way politically motivated, inspired, directed or driven if Raphael is also going to take a lie detector test to clear, what he insists is, his good name.”

The lawyer admitted that she made contact with Welshman after he visited her office, however, she is adamant that he did not retain her as his lawyer.

The young man in question has accused Trotman of raping him when he was ten years old. Welshman is now 22 – years – old. His credibility has already been brought into question after he reported that the Director of Public Prosecutions agreed to provide him protection.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. [iNews' Photo]
Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. [iNews’ Photo]
However, the DPP has since distanced herself and office from Welshman, stating that she has never met or spoken to him and that Welshman only made a report to her office just after midday on Wednesday.

Trotman has also denied the sex claims. Below is the full text of Manickchand’s statement:

Do not deflect from the sex assault allegations. Defend them!

Defend them with more than my surname.

Dear Editor,

I have noted that in an affidavit to secure injunctive relief against allegations of sexual abuse made by Johnny Welshman, Raphael Trotman, Speaker of the National Assembly, Politician and Attorney-at-Law, has sworn to certain matters claiming that the allegations made against him are politically inspired. I also notice that he has made public statements about events related to the said allegations claiming much the same thing.

I also note that the Stabroek News has written their story cleverly in a way that supports the claims being made by Trotman, to wit, that I am involved in some mysterious political plot to drag Trotman down. Their story highlights that I am the sister of Education Minister, Priya Manickchand and that I was a former PPP GECOM commissioner, all facts, but positioned in such a way to lend credence to the claims made that this is a political plot.

I cannot fail to notice either, that the propagandists of the AFC have gone to work on social media carrying and peddling the story of my being in some way involved in a political plot and all sorts of their usual nastiness. I have seen Trotman being very generous with offering comments on all and sundry but he has failed to correct any of these propagandists so one can only fairly assume they are acting on his behalf and according to his instruction. I am open to being proven wrong by Raphael publicly correcting his compatriots on all of their misinformation. In fact, I plead with him to so do, so that this sense of crushing disappointment in him that I have could be lifted and I could actually see him as the leader he holds himself out to be.

Editor, please allow me to state clearly for the benefit of the persons who have been contacting me and who are interested in the facts of this matter as far as my involvement is concerned.

I was never RETAINED by Johnny Welshman in the ongoing matter with allegations against Raphael Trotman. I am not retained by him and I do not (present tense) represent Mr. Welshman.

Welshman tried making contact with me on Friday 19th September, 2014 in the afternoon by visiting my Chambers. I was out of Chambers at the time he visited. I subsequently returned a telephone call to Welshman, where he disclosed certain information to me. At the time, Welshman spoke with me on Friday, 19th September, 2014, he told me he had made a report at the CID. I never confirmed whether he made a report but I believed it to be true then. And I believed then, that given that a report was made, it would probably become a public matter soon.

I told Johnny Welshman that the proper Attorney-at-Law to address complaints of a criminal nature is the DPP and he should seek Counsel with the Chambers of the DPP.

Based on certain information offered by Mr. Welshman, I offered to speak with Raphael Trotman to mediate between the parties about if a likely “settlement” could have been met. I was still not retained by Welshman. However, if having spoken to Raphael Trotman, I felt a settlement could be reached, then I would have considered facilitating that settlement. I thought it best to have Raphael deal with this matter privately because he has young daughters and I know allegations like the ones being made, can be hurtful to anyone, and particularly young, innocent girls. Further, given what Welshman told me and the manner in which he told me same, I felt he too would best be served by the route he (Welshman) was proposing, that being a settlement.

I sent Raphael SMS messages regarding Johnny Welshman and he subsequently called me later that night. Raphael and I had one telephone conversation regarding this entire matter. Based on that telephone conversation, I formed the opinion that there was no way I could have assisted further and recused my-self from the entire matter. This information was communicated to Johnny Welshman via telephone. I have not met Johnny Welshman in person to date, save and except when he consulted with me at the Children’s legal aid clinic a few years ago. In fact, I can only assume that Welshman sought me out because the Children’s Legal Aid Clinic had represented him.

If the media or anyone says that I gave Raphael a heads up regarding this matter, that would be accurate. That heads up was in pursuit of what Welshman said he wanted and it may also have allowed Trotman to disclose this information to his family, to prepare them for the serious allegations which were about to hit the media, given that Welshman claimed reports had already been made at other agencies including the Police.

I have chosen not to disclose the content of conversations I had with Johnny Welshman or with Raphael Trotman. Raphael is a colleague of mine and I will still extend him that courtesy, whilst Welshman’s conversation, I believe, is privileged. I would have no problems, however, with Raphael disclosing IN FULL, the conversation we had, which to date he has failed to do, even in his affidavit for injunctive relief.
Editor, please let me state clearly. The words, “I am not RETAINED,” which is what I said to the reporters, means that there is no contract between me and Johnny Welshman for me to provide legal services to him.

“I DO NOT REPRESENT JOHNNY WELSHMAN,” which is what I said to the reporters as far as my record indicates, is present tense. At the time I spoke with Gordon Mosley and Stabroek News Reporter ( the only two reporters I gave statements to) which was approximately 11: 30 am on Sunday, 21st September, 2014, I had completely recused myself from the matter because, as stated earlier, I would have only gone forward and possibly become the Attorney-at-Law for Welshman if a settlement was being considered by both parties. As I could not provide further assistance in the matter, which I determined during and after the telephone conversation with Trotman, I had already recused myself from the matter when I spoke to the reporters and so there was nothing incorrect in that statement.

Further, let me state clearly, I never denied speaking to or contacting Raphael as is the impression created by the SN. I just gave as a response “no further comment” to the question posed by the Stabroek News reporter as to whether I had made contact with Raphael Trotman. It baffles me that “no further comment” could be considered as a denial. Is that media-speak with which I am unfamiliar or is this just the Stabroek News, in their haste to defend Raphael being creative.

Now, whatever may have been Trotman’s motive for disclosing my text to him, that disclosure only supports what I have said in relation to my involvement in this matter. It clearly shows:

  1. that I made contact with him;
  2. that I indicated that I could only be useful to Johnny Welshman regarding his allegation if a settlement could be reached and, if not, that I would not be in the matter further; and
  3. that I had, and still do have, a deep and abiding concern for the impact of the revelations on his family, particularly his young daughters.

As for my opinion on the matter: I do not know whether Raphael Trotman sexually assaulted or buggered Johnny Welshman. If the allegation is false, then Welshman is one sick person and deserves urgent medical attention. BUT, if Welshman is telling the truth or even parts of the truth, doesn’t he deserve the opportunity to be heard fairly without Trotman’s interference and might and the interference of his friends? Give the justice system an opportunity to work. If it does, Trotman would have his chance to defend himself fully with all the might and considerable resources he enjoys. Stop trying to influence the system by trying to frighten lawyers who may listen to, hear and be willing to mediate for a complainant. Stop trying to deflect from the allegation of sexual assault/buggery by making up that my involvement was political. Stop trying to take the spotlight off of you by trying to throw me under the bus and making me the issue. Do not deflect from the sex assault allegations. Defend them. Surely there is more in your defence than hanging onto and misusing my surname.
Frankly, for myself, now that I have seen Trotman’s affidavit and the deliberate attempts by his social media and other buddies to sully me, I am left with all sorts of questions in my head.

I would be happy to take a lie detector test as to whether my involvement in this matter was in any way sinister and/or meant to distract from the AFC’s no confidence motion and/or to bring down the Speaker of the House or the AFC and/or in any way politically motivated, inspired, directed or driven if Raphael is also going to take a lie detector test to clear, what he insists is, his good name.

As I do not believe I can add any more to this that would help anyone interested in the truth as far as my involvement is concerned, this will be my last statement on the matter.


Jaya Manickchand






  2. when asked if the US revoked walk wine visa the US embassy mums de word on it. imagine sharma still travels to canada. he was on a flight on sept 12 to to canda. canada and america harbor some big time criminals who hide behind politics. imagine sharma glad for someone to talk to he on that flight no one piss on the stinker

  3. why has trotman not yet resigned? the public is waiting to see what the police will do in this case .no on ,big or small, is above the law.

  4. mr trotman has cleverly deflected from the sexual abuse and buggery allegation by claiming that the alleged victim is mentally unstable and is being manipulated by wicked political forces intent on distracting on an impending no-confidence motion. miss manickchand knows that this is not true. as a professional she should not succumb to the wiles of mr trotman. please, represent the defenceless victim if he has reposed his confidence in you. don’t be distracted. mr trotman has the courts,even up to the Caribbean court of appeal,to defend himself against the allegation of sexual abuse and buggery. if miss manickchand gives in she would be setting a precedent and three quarters of the victims of sexual abuse and buggery will be left defenceless. again I urge miss manickchand, be strong and stand up for this young man who is desperately crying for not succumb to cunning and trickery .

  5. kn and sn dare not touch dis story to get to the truth… both kn and sn know what pnc will do to them..they both will be printing and reporting from a foreign land if they dig too deep into this pnc big man called tratman

  6. The case seems to be going cold.
    Media seems to be not interested.
    If the IMF boss, was hauled in and the Catholic Church paid the price, why everyone is distancing themselves?
    In this world, poorness is indeed a sin.
    Our agencies which protect children have gone mute and invisible.
    Where are our powerful people who can offer help to this crying for help young man?

  7. Putting all the shades of Politics aside, if the mechanism of a lie detector, can reveal the irrefutable Truth surrounding Ms Manickchand’s intervention in this matter, then her challenge/invitation to Mr Trotman, should be accepted, barring any legal impropriety in such an act.
    Otherwise l would love to see an unbiased legal mind, navigate through the labyrinth of the relevant portions of the Justice System to determine the appropriateness of Ms Manickchand’s actions and it’s potential to deliver what she claims to be possible.

  8. Ms Jaya:
    Wow we surely have extremely strong women among our midst.
    We have the ‘Tigress’!
    Let our women folks use this as a momentum.
    This is a fresh opportunity to lunge forward.


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