Manickchand, Ramsaran accuse Govt of ‘stealing’ PPP/C’s work


(Reprinted from Guyana Times)

In light of the plans and programmes being undertaken by the respective Ministers in the education and health sectors in Guyana, past Ministers of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration have slammed the A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government, accusing it of stealing what they had already begun to develop during their years in office.

PPP/C MP, Priya Manickchand
PPP/C MP, Priya Manickchand

Former Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, during his Budget debate speech, explained that the current Government has been boasting about its plans for the advancement of Guyana, but what it was intentionally doing was misleading persons into believing that the PPP/C has left the country in a state necessitating urgent reformation.

Dr Ramsaran said that in no way was the PPP/C upset that the Government has been employing that Party’s strategies in addressing issues within the mentioned sectors, since it was concerned about the welfare of Guyana, but it was alarmed that the Government has not been able to alter the documents in any way which would fundamentally enhance and develop the sectors.

“We are happy that you’re stealing this, but, at the same time, we’re saddened by the fact they’re not developing or adding to it,” he said.

In backing up his claims, the PPP MP highlighted the Health Vision 2020 document which Health Minister, Dr George Norton had announced that the current Administration would embark on implementing.

According to him, last year Dr Norton had said that the Government was already implementing the Vision, insinuating that the initiative was the coalition’s invention. However, Dr Ramsaran pointed out that the document had been rolled out in 2013 by the PPP/C.

Additionally, he mentioned that the former Education Minister, Priya Manickchand had also reported that when she analysed the APNU/AFC approach to the education sector, she found that it had been completely plagiarised from her Ministry’s plans and programmes.

Manickchand’s punch
During Manickchand’s speech on Thursday in Parliament, she had also underlined that the Government had not taken a fresh approach.

“How can this be a fresh approach if so many programmes listed in the budget are a repetition of what we had two years ago? We had announced it in this House two years ago; we negotiated the money for these programmes,” she outlined.

She also informed the National Assembly that there have been complaints about the things that were left out of the programmes, causing disruptions in the initial idea. This, she said, was a result of “copying” only part of the programme.

Manickchand has early disclosed this to Guyana Times during an interview when she said “the fact all their programmes and plans for the sector this year have been plagiarised from the PPP’s plan and program is a loud admission that they mislead people when they said both that the system was in crisis and that they had better answers”. She was at the time commenting on the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the education sector.

Manickchand and Dr Ramsaran shared the opinion that this move by the Government vindicated that the PPP/C had been doing what was best for the country, contradicting the rhetoric of the APNU/AFC Government that the Party had left the country in devastation.

Health Vision 2020 was launched in 2013 by the then Minister Dr Ramsaran; Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud and then President Donald Ramotar, with the aim of developing the local health sector over the 2013-2020 period.

The mission of the strategy included making Guyanese people the healthiest in the Caribbean and improving the availability of medical services to the public.





  1. The Donald is not a loafer like the one they have now–his ppl starving,unemployment for his ppl the highest ever ,they killing each other like flies on a dead cow,(chicago ,baltimore DC just a few) the numbers do not lie) lowering admission standards so that they can get into colleges –I guess your messiah is taking lessons from “dem”.

  2. DK the part of seeing office again is tuff but not impossible for the 3p,the big question is WHEN again. You and I no that power is hard to let go,

  3. DK, you are a relic of the Soviet propaganda of the 50s and 60s , and remain as ignorant and irrelevant as you were then.

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  5. Usual, pot calling the kettle black. In 1992, Desmond Hoyte had started the economic recovery, and with the help of the IMF and the World Bank, constructed a detailed map for the freeing up, and growth of Guyana’s recovery, over 10 years. All the PPP and their line of finance minsters, starting with Asgar Alli, had to do, was follow the blueprint, which they did with success, until the Cabal, ruled. However they threw away the chance of giving Guyana an efficient electricity supply , all laid out for them with a five year plan, to be financed by IDB, Japan Ex bank, and World Bank special window for underdeveloped countries.All they needed was to sign, and sixty mega watts of new generation, would be supplied over the next three years (1992-1994), our older diesel generating stock, would be refurbished, and some 20 mega watts would be kept as stand by, backup. Our complete transmission and distribution system would be replaced ,and the most modern equipment, preventing up to 75% of line lost, would have been incorporated into the new T and D system.Insteady someone or more than one , convinced Cheddi to go with Wartsila, because the initial cost would be cheaper. Twenty five years later, the cost of maintaining and repairing the Wartsila plants , has far exceeded the the initial and operating cost costs of the IDB and Japanese proposal in 1991, 1992. Also we still hav,e the really ancient and inefficient T and D system, that has line losses in excess of 25%, and constant problems. You guys were not even good copycats. I wonder why.?

  6. Priya what do you expect from DUNCES? Like HELLO, look at the facts, the air heads you have as ministers in the PNC regime come to the USA on a first time visit and see PAID parking, they immediately go back to Guyana and implement it…ALL they DO IS COPY, COPY, COPY with no sense of a feasibility study to determine if it will work or not…ALL these dunces and crook think of is MONEY MONEY! The current Guyanese leaders are like the proverbial monkey on a duck back…Where the duck leads them to they will follow…even if it is off the Kaieteur falls into the latrin! There is NO fresh ideas. There is no development or progress…Instead Naga and Granger is thinking to take Guyana back to the 50s and 60s…bell bottom pants and ferry service…lets hope it does not reach another Burhnam days of poverty in Guyana all over again!

  7. Manickchand, Ramsaran accuse Govt of ‘stealing’ PPP/C’s work
    PPP people should stop this trash talk about stealing whats theirs..
    Stealing is a crime so take your case to the police..
    PNC have no one with brains so this is why massa installed them to rule..
    Yall should mobilize by hitting the streets every day in front of A B C countries embassies calling for free fair transparent credible none violent elections..
    Everyone knew US wanted regime change based on lies that were peddled though PNC most favored media houses KN and SN..Then guys should have known once American Exxon found oil—it was game over for you PPP people..
    The yanks made no bones about doing business with ppp and pnc..
    They told the world clearly that they could not do business with you since its easier for them to do business with pnc…case closed…maybe ppp will never see power again –pnc and the yanks will make the majority of ppp supporters run out of guyana..


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