Manickchand assures of no ‘disturbance’ by PPP

Priya Manickchand

By Radha Motielall

Priya Manickchand
Priya Manickchand

[] – Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Priya Manickchand has reminded that there is no holiday on for schools.

She made this comment in response to questions about the effect a delayed declaration of the elections final results is having on schooling, particularly in Georgetown.

Many parents are not sending their children to school, in fear that something could go wrong, more so after experiencing some amount of disruption and violence on the night of May 11.

And this absence in school is not restricted to public school only, as one Head Teacher at a private school [nursery and primary] in the Capital related that less than 15 students turned up for classes on Wednesday, May 13.

The expectation is that results would be declared sometime before the end of the week, and so schools will be back to normal come Monday.

However, with a call from the PPP/C now for recount of boxes in all Ten Electoral Districts, the final declaration will be delayed. In view of this, the media asked the PPP/C whether they considered the impact of the delay.

Manickchand said the “PPP would not be causing any disturbances and we can assure you of that”; however she noted, “if you think there are people who are causing disturbances I would recommend that you put your mikes under their faces and ask them why”.

She stressed that it will be Guyana’s children and the Guyanese economy that will be affected by any disturbances. Manickchand said people indeed get afraid when cars are upturned and burn, when people are running through the streets declaring victory and when political parties are doing irresponsible things that are causing their supporters to also do irresponsible things.

She added that the PPP/C has not done any of that. In terms of the effect on CXC/CAPE which is underway, Manickchand said she was told that there was no report of any problem with the hosting of those exams.




  1. STop talking fart. Why was Kwame and other people busying themselves around why was Ramotar present when the joint forces were voting? The gig is up, thieving had to stop at some point and that point is now. Where is the warrior Jagdeo? Guess he has taken flight and left clowns like you to lick your damn wounds!

  2. No they are not setting any stage for confusion. Objections are legal. Recounting is legal. Our laws cater for these things. However the PPP will have to provide evidence, which I hope they do. And all must be done in the legally prescribed time. In as much as we are anxious for the results, if there are legal objections, we should take care of them before moving on. Do not forget, Desmond Hoyte, in 97 elections, objected to the results. What happened? The Caribbean intervened. Subsequently NO fraudulent ballot was found. His allegations were baseless.

  3. Who’s calling for recount? Who’s clearing out ministries? Who claiming fraud? That what losers do. No matter how you sugar coat it, the evidence is there direct from the horse’s (PPP) mouth, so stop deluding yourself.

  4. The seeds of confusion was devised by the APNU as a back-up plan to instigate problems with their supporters in any event the poll results did not go their way.This is a know fact. The ‘signal’ was sent by way of Mr. Granger call to APNU/PNC thugs to be at certain polling places under the pretext of protecting the ballot boxes. The issue is , who did they have to protect the ballot boxes from ?
    The intelligence community is well aware of this fact.
    The bottom line is the APNU/PNC is not prepared to accept nothing less that a victory …..come what may… This is the real issue….

  5. The Election Commission is setting the stage for confusion and disruption by delaying the announcement of the results. It cannot be refining the results based on a call for recount. How can a call for recount be effected when no results have been published. Come on, get a grip…

  6. You have answered though diplomatically, in the right way Ms Manickchand.The PPP/C was never involved in nor encouraged after elections violence. The PPP and later PPP/C, is a mass based party and would not have violence perpetrated against any section of the population. It never used violence as an excuse after being cheated at elections from 1964 up until 1992 and was always the victim since 1992 although it won every elections up to 2011.
    The results of the current elections are yet to be fully declared and APNU+AFC are celebration, declaring their own results despite being warned by GECOM which is the only constitutional body authorised to do so.
    With regards to schools being in session, it is regrettable that parents decide not to send their children to school but the blame should be put fully at the doors Congress Place


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