Manari Bypass Road in Region Nine rendered impassable

The current state of the Manari Bypass Road
The current state of the Manari Bypass Road

Residents of Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo) have expressed concerns about the deplorable state of the Manari Bypass Road, one of the main access roads into the township and commercial hub of Lethem.

The Manari Bypass Road, erected on the southern end of the existing Manari Bridge in Region Nine, has been rendered impassable by a flash flood.

Junior Grant, who has been a resident of the Lethem for over forty years, said he is saddened by this issue, given that a lot of persons in his community are suffering.

“Water rise yesterday morning and that is what burst the road in half, so no vehicle can’t come, no vehicles can’t go. If you do have to come into Lethem, which is the main road, they have to go around like about half an hour to an hour driving from that spot to another village, come around by the mountain side, to come back into Lethem,” Grant lamented.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure, in a press release on Wednesday,confirmed that the Manari Bypass Road in Region Nine has become impassable due to a flash flood.

As such, the Ministry pleaded motorists and pedestrians to take a detour through Nappi.

However, Grant noted that the detour road is also in a bad state.

According to the Ministry, due to the COVID-19 safety measures regionally and internationally, the contractor experienced several delays, primarily affecting their material supply chain from Brazil, as well as their workforce.

The Ministry said “at present, the contractor is putting all measures in place to fast track the completion of the Bridge and to restore and repair the damaged bypass.”