Man with criminal record found dead in hammock with gunshot wounds


Police are now investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a Good Hope, East Coast Demerara resident- who is said to be of “questionable character”- and who was reportedly found dead in a hammock early this morning.

Dead is 57-year-old Roger Bunbery of Good Hope, East Coast Demerara.

Roger Bunbery

According to information received by police, the man’s wife reportedly awoke at around 00:45hrs this morning to find him dead in the hammock which was located in the balcony of the one story house. He reportedly had gunshot injuries to his head and he seemed to have been bleeding profusely.

She reportedly told ranks that she had left the man sleeping in the hammock. The woman also vaguely recalled hearing loud “fire cracker” like sounds a short while before finding Bunbery’s lifeless body.

The 57-year-old was pronounced dead at a city hospital.

At the scene, iNews was told that three spent shells were recovered near the hammock.

Bunbury, also called “Don Dick” managed to make into the Guyana Police Force’s ‘most wanted’ list back in 2002 after he had been implicated in several crimes, including kidnapping, murder and robbery under arms.

He was reportedly captured five years later, but was subsequently released after police failed to accumulate substantive evidence against him.

Later in 2011, he was again being hunted by police for a break and enter and larceny allegation.

Then in March of last year, he was taken to court on a charge of wounding. (Ramona Luthi)


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