Man who created havoc at city bank identified as deportee


The man who created havoc at a city bank on Tuesday while demanding G$10 million in the name of ISIS, has been identified as Terrance McLean, 34, of Charlotte Street, Georgetown.

This was confirmed by Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, who also confirmed that the man is a deportee. While he could not ascertain from which country McLean was deported, the Crime Chief related that the man was charged for the possession of a gun and ammunition in March 2007.

threatHe added that the file case was sent to the Police legal advisors, who will make the necessary recommendation on whether or not charges will be laid. From reports gathered, the man is said to be mentally unsound and would normally suffer from several health complications.

It was reported that at about 9:00h on Tuesday, the man went into a city bank on Regent Street, Georgetown and demanded G$10 million while threatening to detonate a bomb he alleged he was carrying in a bag.

Reports are that the man, who appeared to be in his late 30’s, walked into the bank, went to the ATM card centre and demanded the money.

INews was told that the guards stationed at the bank confronted the man and he shouted, “We will all die if I don’t get the money”.

The Police were called in but before they arrived, the bank’s security managed to intercept the man. A knife was found in the bag he was carrying. He later told Police that he was a member of ISIS and was obligated to make a financial contribution, hence his visit to the bank.

When questioned about the bomb, he alleged he was carrying, McLean admitted that he has never seen a bomb and it was just a prank. He remains in custody, but underwent psychiatric evaluation at Dr Bhiro Harry’s clinic.










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