Man succumbs days after receiving sound trashing from neighbours


By Kristen Macklingam 

A 31-year-old auto mechanic, in the wee hours of this morning (Monday), succumbed to injuries he received following a sound beating he got, allegedly at the hands of his neighbours. Prior to his death, he was in a coma for a few days at the hospital battling for his life.


Yogeshwar Shivcharran, a.k.a “Shah Rukh Khan” of 485 Belle West Housing Scheme, West Bank Demerara (WBD) is reported to have been suffering from seizures last Monday when the beating took place.


His sister-in-law Navita Etwaroo told INews that he had been on medication and his family was ensuring that he was being treated for the illness which he had been suffering with for some months.


However, on the day in question, he was at home with his common-law wife and daughter when he began breaking items and destroying objects in their house.  He then stripped off his clothing and ventured out in the yard then on the streets.


Yogeshwar Shivcharran and his wife in happier times
Yogeshwar Shivcharran and his wife in happier times

It is alleged that some of his neighbours were consuming alcohol when Shivcharran came into contact with them and they began dealing him several blows about his body.


They then telephoned one of the injured man’s brothers telling him to collect his brother and take him home, the sister-in-law explained.


She told INews that her brother-in-law ensured that the badly beaten Shivcharran was in his house before he left for his home but later in the night, the family was made aware that the sick man had left his home again and was allegedly beaten by the same persons once more.


This time, when Shivcharran returned home he collapsed, and although he was breathing, he appeared to have been in an unconscious state, the woman declared.


As such, Shivcharran’s family took him to the West Demerara Regional Hospital a.k.a Best Hospital for emergency medical treatment. Shortly after he was admitted, the family members were made aware that he had fallen into a coma.


According to the now dead auto mechanic’s relatives, they had notified the police about the incident on Tuesday, last, after they had taken the injured man to the hospital.


However, they claimed that law enforcement officials had not arrested any suspects at that time; they alleged that the police told them when the suspects are at their home then the family should make contact.


Yogeshwar Shivcharran, a.k.a “Shah Rukh Khan”  in hospital
Yogeshwar Shivcharran, a.k.a “Shah Rukh Khan” in hospital

The Shivcharran family maintained that they were ‘back and forth’ between the hospital and the police station over the past week seeking justice, but it was only until today persons were taken into custody for the alleged crime.


INews visited the home of the now dead man and saw the broken bottles which the perpetrators had used to injure Shivcharran, lying in the yard. There were also blood stains on the concrete at the bottom of his house.


Navita posited that the police presently has three females in custody. However, the women are allegedly claiming that the main suspect left for sea yesterday and they are unsure as to when he will return.


Meanwhile, Commander of ‘D’ Division Stephen Mansell told INews that his ranks are presently investigating the matter.



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