Man strips naked, vandalises popular fast food outlet on Camp Street


A man, supposedly in his 20’s, is now in police custody following an act of vandalism on Wednesday evening at local eating establishment Popeyes, Camp Street, Georgetown.

Based on reports received, the incident occurred around 6:45hrs.
Staff at the facility told Inews that a well dressed man, walked into the fast food restaurant, ‘pretending’ to be on the phone. He then proceeded to jump on to the counter where he kicked over three juicers, thereafter he reportedly undressed his attire completely and while naked continued to vandalise the premises.
“After he kicked down the juice machines, he pull down the whole tray of chicken and then cuff up the monitors. Then he go to the cash register and pull out the cable. He then stripped naked and pull down the metal shelves,” a staff who was on duty at the time told this online publication.
Inews understands that during the ordeal, the other staff ran into the back of the kitchen and hid in the “chiller.”
Staffers indicated that four customers who were dining at the time, left their foods and “ran out the door.”
The blurred image of the naked man on the counter was screen grabbed from a short video of the ordeal on social media
The security guard, who was outside of the fast food outlet reportedly whipped out his phone and contacted the police.
However, by the time they responded, the man had left the outlet, still naked. Ranks reportedly caught up with him a short distance from Popeyes.
Reports are that the man’s actions seemed to be as a result of Popeyes’ staff refusing to charge his mobile phone when he visited the place on Tuesday.
Nevertheless, after closing early on Wednesday evening, the popular fast food outlet was up and running today (Thursday). Nothing was reported stolen and the cost for the damages incurred was not disclosed.
Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)


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