UPDATE: Man shot by bandit inside Popeye’s outlet in downtown Georgetown

  • in critical condition at GPHC

A man who works as a ‘money changer’ in the City is now in a critical condition after he was shot in the Popeye’s outlet on Water Street, Stabroek, Georgetown by a bandit, while he was in the company of his girlfriend.

Vishwanauth Nawbatt, also known as ‘Vishaul’ of Sophia, Georgetown was reportedly approached by the lone gunman at approximately 16:15hrs today, as he was seated in the fast-food outlet.

Reports indicate that the bandit pointed his gun at 32-year-old Nawbatt and demanded that he hand over his money. However, eyewitnesses stated that when Nawbatt responded that he had no substantial cash on him since he wasn’t working, the gunman became angry and shot him to his left side abdomen.

The bandit then fled the scene and jumped on to a motorcycle that was parked outside of Popeye’s, where he rode away.

Nawbatt fell to the ground and public spirited persons rushed to his assistance.

The police were contacted, and eyewitnesses helped to place the injured man into the Police vehicle, where he was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital and is presently undergoing surgery.

The injured man inside the Popeye's outlet being assisted by public-spirited citizens
The injured man inside the Popeye’s outlet being assisted by public-spirited citizens



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