Man shot by Police outside Camp Street Prison


Police say they have launched an investigation into the fatal shooting of an unidentified male by one of their ranks outside of the Georgetown Prison at about 23:50h. last night (Friday).

According to investigations, earlier in the night the deceased went to the back of the Prison on John and Durban Streets, behaved disorderly and threw down some steel barriers, in the presence of the ranks guarding the perimeter of the prison.

campPolice say the man was taken into custody by ranks of a police patrol but subsequently returned and continued the said behaviour, south in front of the Prison.

Sources say, a Constable armed with a service weapon and under the supervision of a subordinate officer, approached the unarmed deceased, who allegedly then attacked the rank; in the process the Constable discharged a round, hitting him in the lower abdomen.

He was immediately rushed to the GPHC and died whilst receiving treatment.

Investigations are in progress.


  1. I applaud this constable. He was clearly out to create trouble and received a just reward. He’ll never be a trouble maker again.


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