Man sets Crabwood Creek home on fire – following argument with wife

A Crabwood Creek man is now in Police custody after allegedly setting his home ablaze. The Lot 146 Grant 2767, Crabwood Creek two-storied house was set ablaze on Thursday morning following an argument between the perpetrator, Sookraj Seepaul and his wife, Nalinie Seepaul.
According to reports, the couple were involved in an argument which became violent, forcing Nalini to seek refuge in a bedroom to avoid further confrontation.
crab fireUpon seeing this, Sookraj left the home for a nearby rum shop where he consumed alcohol.
An eyewitness related that after noticing that his wife was not at home, he took her clothing and set them on fire on the street in front of the home.
“He start screaming out her name and he ran inside and bring out more clothes and go back inside and bring out a set of things an throw them in the fire: the chair-set, mattress, TV, the music set that she did buy….he burn all up. We call she son and when he come, the man chase he with a cutlass,” the eyewitness informed in the popular local creole dialect.
Sookraj was seen by neighbours in the house moments before smoke began emanating from the building.
The fire service was alerted while neighbours formed a bucket brigade in an effort to extinguish the fire which, according to one eyewitness, was apparently being fuelled by a chemical.

Upon receipt of the news of what was occurring at her home, Nalini reportedly fell unconscious.
The husband was later arrested and taken into custody. An investigation into the matter has been launched.


  1. This is noting new that is what Indian people are pro in doing killing their wife burning down the house and run people with cutlass and drink all the rum and also talk about the million the have what a strange people.


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