Man robbed; motorcycle stolen at D’Urban Park


An East Bank Demerara man was robbed of his belongings and his motorcycle stolen by a group of men – one of whom has been arrested.

The incident occurred on Saturday night at D’Urban Park and was committed by four identifiable perpetrators.

The police said that the victim was riding his motorcycle, CK 912 valued at $250,000, at a slow rate on Vlissengen Road, Georgetown, when he stopped at the traffic light at the junction of Homestretch Avenue and Vlissengen Road.

One of the perpetrators jumped onto the rear of the bike and demanded the motorcyclist to ride to D’Urban Park, which he did.

Upon arriving there, the victim was confronted by three other accomplices and he was relieved of the bike, his cellphone valued at $25,000 and $1,500 cash.

The victim then ran away and raised an alarm.

Swift police response led to a search of D’Urban Park where the main perpetrator – 53-year-old Khemraj Shaffie of Lot 28-29 Hadfield Street, Georgetown – was arrested. He was found in possession of the victim’s motorcycle mirrors.

Investigations are continuing.