‘UTTER NONSENSE’: Doctor dismisses man’s ridiculous claim he was declared dead and placed in hospital’s cold storage


A senior medical doctor in Berbice has dismissed as “false”and “nonsensical”, the ridiculous claims being made by a man suffering from ‘bi-polar disorder’ that he was pronounced dead at a Berbice hospital and then placed in cold storage for hours before he “resurected”.

According to information gathered from a video posted online and which is currently making its rounds on the social networking site Facebook as well as in the media, Premchand, 45 years old, had checked into the medical facility after he was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. The man claimed he was given saline and other medical treatment about five hours after when he complained about chest pains.

In the video, the man claimed he had been in “Ward Six” receiving oxygen, saline and blood and some three hours after doctors allegedly pronounced him dead.

But the senior medical practitioner from Berbice, who prefers anonymity, said Premchand is a well-known character and has been undergoing psychiatric treatment for a while now.

The doctor dismissed the “ludicrous” claims Premchand  is making as nothing else but an “attention seeking stunt”.

Premchand (Photo: Travis Chase)




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