Man reportedly admits he killed wife 21 years ago – source claims

Gilbert Thomas
Gilbert Thomas

The man who was remanded to prison last week for allegedly stabbing his ex-lover to her breast, along with her male companion, at Hururu Mission, Upper Berbice River, will soon be hauled before the courts once again but this time for a murder charge from 21 years ago.

Reports are that in September of 1998, the now 48-year-old Philbert Thomas called “Gilbert Thomas” was at a fun day in the Kwabanna village, Region One (Barima-Waini,) when he allegedly stabbed his reputed wife, Viola Thomas, to death at the community centre ground.

According to a senior police source, the stabbing incident was witnessed by over 100 persons, but as soon as Thomas allegedly stabbed Viola’s body, he ran away from the scene before anyone could apprehend him.

He went into hiding and was not seen by persons in that area.

INews understands that Thomas and Viola had been involved in a relationship for years prior to the stabbing incident. The now dead woman had also mothered his children.

The file had been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice and investigators were told to arrest and charge Thomas for the murder of the woman but police ranks could not locate the man.

However, on Wednesday last, Thomas had been slapped with two felonious wounding charges committed on his ex-lover, Dally Gobin, and Leaymond Smith, her male companion. It was reported that on the day in question, the victims were imbibing alcohol at Gobin’s house when the suspect showed up without an invitation.

This resulted in a heated argument among them. The argument, however, turned into a scuffle and it was at this time that the suspect whipped out a knife and dealt one blow to Gobin.

He then turned his attention to Smith and stabbed him once before escaping the scene.

The couple was taken to the Kwakwani Hospital where they were treated and referred to the Linden Hospital Complex. There, they were admitted but subsequently discharged.

Thomas was arrested while hiding out at a camp in Hururu Backlands and was subsequently charged.

It was after this story had been published in the media that persons who had witnessed the murder 21 years ago contacted the police.

Commander of F Division (Interior locations), Kevin Adonis told this publication on Wednesday that someone contacted ranks of his Division and alleged that Thomas was wanted by the police for murdering his reputed wife.

According to the Police Commander, an investigation was immediately launched, and Thomas was subsequently interviewed about the matter.

He stated that at present, investigations are still ongoing into the murder committed in 1998.

However, another senior police source told this publication that Thomas has admitted to the police that he murdered Viola because she had been “unfaithful” to him.