Man remanded for threatening, robbing Police Officer


Twenty – year old Travis Anthony King of 461 West Ruimveldt appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman to answer two charges – robbery under arms and threatening language which he committed against Police Officer Collin Blair.

The accused pleaded guilty to the threatening language charge and was fined $20,000. King then pleaded not guilty to the robbery under arms charge and was remanded to prison with his next court date set for July 19.

According the police prosecutor, on June 30 the Virtual Complainant [VC] and a friend were returning from Laing Avenue and at the time he was wearing a gold chain.The prosecutor said that while crossing the bridge, the V.C was confronted by the accused, who pulled out a handgun and demanded the gold chain which valued $150,000. The accused was subsequently arrested by a public spirited citizen. [Royan Abrams]