Man remanded for escaping Police custody

Quacy Glasgow (iNews' photo)
Quacy Glasgow (iNews' photo)
Quacy Glasgow (iNews’ photo)

[] – A 29-year-old man of Lot 687 East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, who escaped from lawful custody, was on Tuesday April 07, remanded by Magistrate Fabayo Azore.

Quacy Glasgow pleaded not guilty to the charge, which stated that on February 27, he escaped while  in lawful custody for a robbery under arms charge.

Glasgow told the court that he was heading home from work when the police confronted and physically assaulted him by cranking a gun. According to Glasgow, he then pushed the policeman off of him and escaped on foot because he was not aware of what was happening. The police then chased Glasgow when he was caught and arrested.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Stephen Telford objected to bail, stating that the accused is currently facing three matters of robbery under arms. He also told the court that if bail is granted, it is likely that Glasgow will not return for his trial.

The matter was adjourned to April 13.




  1. The average Guyanese policeman is bereft of the level of intelligence that goes with the authority that is vested in him/her.i have travelled to a lot of countries in the caribbean, and have never seen such uncouth behavior. They speak to you like pigs, regardless of your level of education, when the clowns don’t even have a good primary school education. So what happens? they use their authority to bully you, and frighten you. The minister of Home Affairs is clueless as what should be done to correct this crisis, of course he needs to have an education also. Spending more monies on vehicles and guns is not the answer, but he don’t know that. The intake level is too damn low, or for that matter non-existent. We will have devine intervention to rid this country of these morons.

  2. Greenidge is to be blame for this young behavior. Greenidge did not father his son, and he cannot doubt that this is not his son.


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