Man remanded for death of Canadian citizen, son in Essequibo accident


[] – Essequibo Magistrate, Sunil Scarce has remanded Deyal Singh of Perserverance Village on the Essequibo Coast to prison on Tuesday when he appeared at the Anna Regina Court to answer to two counts of causing death by dangerous driving.

According to the police report, on January 17, Deyal Singh drove in a dangerous manner to the public, killing Mumtaz Baksh, 72 and Rafmat Baksh, 44 on the Land of Plenty public road.

The driver was represented by Attorney – at – Law Rajkumar who made a request for bail but was refused by the Magistrate who said accidents on the Essequibo Coast are too prevalent.

Singh will make another appearance in the Anna Regina Magistrate court on February 19.

Mumtaz Baksh was a Canadian based Guyanese, who was visiting Guyana with his wife at the time of his death. He and his 44 – year – old son were killed while walking home.

iNews understands that the two were struck down just opposite the rice factory. Reports indicate that both men were hurled into the air and suffered serious head injuries.



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