Man remanded for assaulting two police officers

Kevon Alfred (iNew’ photo)

[] – A known convict was remanded to prison by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry for assaulting two police officers.

Kevon Alfred pleaded guilty with explanation to the charges which said that on February 20 at the Georgetown Magistrates’ court, he unlawfully assaulted Police constables Visram Ramjattan and Christopher Elvis.

The prosecution case revealed that on the day in question Alfred was sentenced to prison by Magistrate Judy Latchman for unlawful possession of firearm. Whilst, being escorted by constable Elvis, he dealt a cuff to the said officer’s head and spat on Constable Ramjattan who went to the assistance of Elvis.

Alfred confirmed that he was sentenced on the day in question and explained that an officer pulled his handcuff causing him to hit himself. He further stated that he asked the said officer why he assaulted him but got no response.  The unrepresented man said he defended himself by pelting a cuff to the officer. He told the court that another officer pushed him down. 

A not guilty plea was recorded and the matter was transferred before Magistrate Fabayo Azore, for trial on April 17. 

Alfred was sentenced to four years imprisonment by Magistrate Latchman on February 20 last.



  1. Police men and women must be charge also if found to culpable of assaulting people that must be the law

  2. picture this..if someone have no respect for law enforcers then the ordinary public is mince meat to him..yes there are lots of rogue coppers doing the beat…but even them u have to cooperate with..remember they have authority over you..they are licensed to kill and justify it..thankfully cameras exposing the rogues these days..without cameras those in america would be just waste meat..yep..the might america and their worse rogues..and guess what…they ..the americans would be to first to feral blast guyana government on their rogue coppers..


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