Man pleads guilty to 2013 murder of 4-yr-old at Buck Hill


The man who was implicated in the 2013 killing of 4-year-old Jamal Nedd at Buck Hill, Wismar, Linden, earlier today (Tuesday), confessed in Court to murdering the child. 

Twenty-five year old Rawle Samuels pleaded guilty when he appeared before Justice Nareshwar Harnanan at the Demerara High Court to answer to the February 2013 charge of the stabbing death of the youth following an altercation he had with the boy’s aunt, Felicia Tello.

According to reports, the lad’s mother had left him in the care of Samuels, with whom she shared a relationship.

During the dispute, the boy’s aunt ran out of the house as Samuels came charging behind her. Upon the woman fleeing, the young boy shouted for her to run and it was then that the man stabbed the youth five times, reportedly leaving the knife in his back.

The 4-year-old died before reaching the hospital.

Justice Harnanan ordered a probation report and will sentence the self-confessed killer on July 18.  



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