Man murdered at De Kinderen; police hunting 3 suspects

Dead: Lindsford Kenwayne Duguid

Police ranks in Regional Division #3 are investigating the alleged murder of 34-year-old Lindsford Kenwayne Duguid in the wee hours of today.

Duguid, whose occupation and address are so far unknown, was killed sometime between O3:00h and 03:45h at Lot 12 De Kinderen Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara, by three known suspects.

According to police reports, the now dead man visited the residence at about 22:00h on Saturday and asked for Jessica Ortiz, a 22-year-old female Venezuelan national who resides there. He was informed by the owner of the said property (landlord) that she was not at home at the time.

Hours later, however, the landlord told investigators that he heard a loud scream at about 03:30h this morning and upon checking, he saw Duguid pulling the 22-year-old female by her hair, while one of the suspects (another female Venezuelan national) held on to Duguid’s waist from the back.

The landlord said he then rushed to the area, where he saw Duguid and two of the suspects fighting in a drain. He further stated that he saw one of the suspects with a knife in her hand stabbing at the now-deceased man’s leg and the male Venezuelan suspect holding the deceased around his neck.

Sometime after, the third suspect appeared with a cutlass in his hand and began to chop the deceased about his body with the cutlass.

One suspect was heard asking for a rope and the other suspect reportedly tied Duguid’s legs with same.

A party of police ranks visited the scene and it was processed.

The body of the deceased was removed from the drain where injuries were seen, examined and documented.

Chop wounds were seen on the left and right fingers and hand, injuries were also seen on the deceased man’s chest (four stabs) and right leg (three stabs).

The deceased had multiple chops to his head and a rope was tied around his legs and neck.

One brown-handle knife was found on the grass parapet about four feet from the body and it was collected and packaged.

Upon searching the drain, a Samsung cellphone and a pair of female running boots were recovered by police.

A search of the De Kinderen yard revealed blood stains leading from a yard pipe to the stairs (CSI collected specimens).

The house was also examined and one camouflage pant and one white jersey wet with mud were collected.

Also, the remaining rope that formed a clothing line was collected and packaged.

Checks were also made for one of the suspects at his De Kinderen residence but he was not located.

While searching the location, police located one cutlass near a plastic barrel that contained water along with one pair of long pants and one shirt with mud.

The scene was forensically processed (fingerprint and photographed) and statements were taken.

Investigations are in progress.