Man lands in jail for spitting on woman who insulted him

Gary Prince
JAILED: Gary Prince

Gary Prince was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment by Georgetown Magistrate Dylon Best on Friday after sufficient evidence was presented to prove to the court that the defendant had spat on a woman who had insulted him.

Particulars of the charge brought against Prince are that on April 27, 2019, at Breda Street, Georgetown, he thus unlawfully assaulted Leonie Thornton.

The facts of the matter state that, on the day in question, Prince was riding past Thornton when she uttered, “Gwan, yuh dawg!” As a result, Prince became annoyed and spat on her.

Prince was a no-show at the conclusion of his trial, but had been sentenced to three months’ imprisonment in absentia. He, however, later presented himself to the court, and was arrested and taken to serve his time.