Man kills self after brutally chopping wife, mother-in-law


Moments after brutally chopping his wife and mother-in-law at Naamryck, Parika, East Bank Essequibo, a rejected husband ended his life by consuming a poisonous substance.

Dead is Sewsarran Sankumar, 55, formerly of Venezuela and of Parika.

Injured wife, Savitree Sankumarnjured mother-in-law, Rookmin
INJURED: Wife; Savitree Sankumar   Mother-in-law, Rookmin

His mother-in-law, Rookin was reported chopped three times to her neck and was admitted at the West Demerara Regional Hospital while her daughter, Savitree Sankumar was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. One of her hands was almost severed and she also sustained several stabs. She remains in a stable condition after a successful surgery on Friday morning.

Reports are the husband and wife lived in Venezuela after getting married but due to his abusive behaviour, the couple separated about three years ago. The woman returned to Guyana in December 2015 and lived at her parent’s home. INews was told that in March her estranged husband also returned to Guyana and has been tormenting her since.

Speaking with INews, the woman’s sister explained that the dead man had threatened to kill her sister and other family members. A Police report was made and he was arrested and charged. She explained that he was convicted and spent six weeks in prison however, after he was released, he continued with his threats.

“The same night he came out, he went to we house in Naamryck and tried to come into the house but we wake up and as we raised an alarm, he escaped.” The sister, Rajnie further explained that after he continued with the threats, they went back to the Police and lodged another report.

Dead: Sewsarran Sankumar
Dead: Sewsarran Sankumar

He was subsequently arrested and placed before the court for the second time. This time, he was granted bail and was placed on a bond to keep the peace. Her sister, she noted, took out a restraining order so as to prevent him from going within proximity of her.

The sister explained that she is currently renovating her home and was staying at her mother’s house.

According to the woman, on Thursday at about 12:00h, the now dead man removed a few louver panes from the window, entered the house and hid until her mother and sister returned home.

“After he got in the house…he had to wait for some time because my mother had someone doing some work in the yard… After the man left, he pounced on my mother from behind and started to chop… after chopping my mother, he turned the cutlass on my sister and almost chop off one of her hands but she put up a fight,” she related.

During the scuffle the man dropped the cutlass and ran out of the house. It was at that time that her sister was able to raise an alarm and neighbours rushed to the scene. They were taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital but transferred to the West Demerara Regional Hospital.

The Police were summoned and the suspect was found under his brother’s house, a village away. Next to him was the bottle that contained the poisonous substance. He was rushed to the Leonora Hospital and he too was referred to the West Demerara Hospital where he later succumbed.

The cutlass and knife used were handed over to Police. (Bhisham Mohamed)



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