Man kills lover, dumps body out of car


Crime-scene[] – Melissa Skeete, a mother of four, died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on Monday night (November 23), hours after she was stabbed by her jealous lover.

According to reports reaching iNews, after stabbing the woman, the man dumped her out of his car on Carmichael Street, Georgetown around 16:30 hrs in the vicinity of Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre.

Skeete, 31, was a Dispatcher at the GPHC and resided at Lot 94 Prince William Street, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara. She received multiple stab wounds to her body.

The suspect is yet to be arrested. According to reports reaching iNews, the woman left work around 15:00 hrs and staff recalled seeing her entering the suspect’s car.

iNews understands that before Skeete left the hospital, she gave his car registration number, PRR 6841 and her cell phone number to one of her colleagues, saying that she does not trust the man.

Reports indicate that Skeete decided to end the relationship with the man since he would physically abuse her.




  1. Women must have enough respect for themselves. This person was extremely stupid and her stupidity caused her life. The history of this beast was cause enough for her to say NO. Why would she go with him. That was a very foolish decision. He could not make her go into his car. The fact she left her cell number with a coworker and the registration of the car says she was apprehensive. From reports of her dealings with him this guy is a violent beast. Your acquaintance put herself in danger. Young women today act like these rejects they pick up are the last males on earth.

  2. This is another show of disrespect for women. I know this woman personally. She is a diligent individual who is always jovial and extremely friendly. A pleasant person to be around who makes you feel happy and smile your troubles away.
    Melissa you will be greatly missed. A true friend to many.
    Sad.Sad, Sad


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