Man killed on ECD road

The body lying on the ECD Public Road this afternoon

A man, who has been identified only as Anil and “Cake man” of Enmore, East Coast of Demerara (ECD), was killed this afternoon after being struck off his bicycle by a motor vehicle.

The accident occurred sometime around 16:30h on the Enmore Public Road.

While details of the incident remain sketchy, INews understand that the man was struck down by motor vehicle, PXX 8090.

Eyewitnesses say that when the vehicle hit the bicycle, the man pitched several feet away and landed on the road. He apparently sustained severe head injuries.

The man was lying in a pool of blood for some time as people flocked to the scene, including his wife. The distraught woman said he had left home shortly before.

Police along with EMTs eventually arrived on the scene after which the man was pronounced dead.

More details will be reported as information becomes available.