Man killed on Church Street identified


The man who was strangled to death on Saturday night on Church Street, Queenstown, Georgetown, during commissioning of an alleged robbery has been identified as 32-year-old Jason Jabharry Bowen.

According to Police, at about midday on Monday, his mother, Ingrid Bowen, who is a security guard, identified his body. The Police said that the woman related that her son lives at Camp Street, Georgetown.

The body of Bowen lying on the road on Saturday evening

It was reported that on the might in question, Bowen of ‘A’ Field Sophia, Greater and the suspect were involved in a scuffle when the suspect wrapped a belt around his neck and strangle him.

Public-spirited persons who witnessed the altercation rushed to render assistance but by then, it was too late. The man was dead while the murder suspect attempted to flee the scene.

However, persons managed to grab onto the assailant and restrain him. The police were called and he was handed over. He is expected to be charged shortly.