Man killed in Durban & Smyth Streets accident identified

Dead: Daniel Richmond was said to be “half in and half out of the minibus” when the accident occurred

The man who succumbed during a fatal accident at the intersection of Durban and Smyth Streets, Georgetown on Sunday last has been identified as Daniel Richmond of Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, an umpire attached to the Guyana Cricket Board.

On the fateful Sunday, Richmond was killed while traveling in mini-bus BVV5273, while several other passengers identified as – Brian James, 40, Kim Douglas, 49, Jelani Williams, 17, Ariel Eversley, 35, Michael Bunburry, 47, De Andre Smith, 17, Ronaldo Bancroft, 15, Deon Goodridge, 27, Brian Desouza, Lynette Crawford, 42, Godfrey Daniels, 35, and seven year old Otien Otto, were injured.

Inews had previously reported that the accident occurred around 16:00hrs while minibus BVV 5273 was said to be proceeding along Durban Street heading to South, Georgetown when it was struck from behind by a black Tundra which was said to be speeding along Smyth Street headed North.

The mangled remains of the minibus involved in the fatal accident

The Tundra, bearing registration GRR 8350, then hit a parked blue Allion before coming to a halt.

According to information received,  after being struck, the minibus which was said to be fully loaded, toppled a number of times.

The injured persons had to be pulled from the mangled minibus, some in an unconscious state and Richmond, the now dead man, was said to be “half in and half out of the minibus.”

The driver of the Tundra, reportedly fled the scene while also being injured.

When this online publication visited the Hospital, some of the injured persons relayed what transpired.

The mangled remains of the minibus involved in the fatal accident

“All I know is that the bus got hit, and it toppled and then fall on its side. Everybody started to holler and everybody started to hold onto each other and when I come out of the bus, one man I saw half of his body was inside the bus and half was outside. After that, people start running to help us,” Lynette Crawford, 42, related.

Investigations are still ongoing.


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