Man killed after car slams into Soesdyke utility pole


A father of one was in the wee hours of Sunday killed after he reportedly lost control of his car and crashed into a utility pole at Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara.

Dead is 32-year-old Sankar Seenauth, also called “Chiney”, of Lot 151 GAC Old Road, Timehri , EBD.

The wreckage of Seenauth’s motor car
The wreckage of Seenauth’s motor car

It was reported that the man overtook another vehicle and soon after lost control of his motor car, slamming into the utility pole.

He was trapped in the driver’s seat of the mangled car and had to be pulled from the wreckage by public-spirited citizens, who were awakened by the impact of the crash.

Dead: Sankar Seenauth also called “Chiney”

Seenauth might have sustained a broken neck and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, sources say.

A sister- in- law of the dead man, when contacted, told this publication that they received news of the accident about 1:15hrs. She explained that the young man left home about 01:00hrs, but did not tell them where he was heading.

She also explained that one of his brothers informed them that “Chiney” was involved in an accident and without hesitation, she, along with his parents and other relatives, rushed to the scene.

As they arrived, the injured man was lying on the ground, motionless. He was bleeding from the head. The now dead man operated a sandpit on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway.

Attempts to speak with the parents of the dead man proved futile.

Meanwhile, one eyewitness claimed that Seenauth was speeding. “He passed me like a jet, but as he attempted to get back into his lane, like he miss average  and went too close to the parapet and is then he collided with the pole,” the man related.

After crashing into the pole, the car was propelled into the air before landing on its four wheels, the eyewitness recounted.

“People rushed out their homes to assist… he was pinned and we had to wrench out the driver’s side door, but when we realise he was trapped we went to the passenger’s side and pulled him out from there.”

Seenauth was already dead, the witness said.

The wrecked car was taken to the Madewini Police Station and a probe was launched. Seenauth leaves to mourn his parents, son, four siblings and other relatives.


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