Man jailed for escaping lawful custody; claims he was being beaten by ranks


Senior Magistrate Leron Daly on Friday sentenced a man for escaping lawful custody after he was apprehended and charged for robbery with violence.

The defendant, Quincy Reynolds was charged for allegedly robbing Tameka Smith on December 20, 2018 at Hadfield Street, Georgetown, of a gold chain and gold pendant valued 60,000, while using personal violence during the act.

Another charge alleged that on the said date at Brickdam Police Station, Georgetown, while being in custody for robbery and aggravation, he escaped the said custody.

Reynolds admitted to the charge of escaping from custody but he denied robbing the aforementioned Virtual Complainant.

The unrepresented man explained to the court that he was being beaten by the police and was forced to escape.

However, Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh informed the court that the defendant was behaving in a disorderly manner, when he was warned after which he jumped over the verandah of the station and made good his escape.

Magistrate Daly without hesitation sentenced Reynolds to 1-year imprisonment for escaping lawful custody. He was also remanded on the robbery charge.

The matter was adjourned until January 18, 2019.



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