Man in custody for robbing 6, fingered in attack on ret’d ACP’s daughter

The Guyana Police Force has detailed, through its Public Relations and Press Officer Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan, that a group of six persons, inclusive of three females were robbed on Tuesday morning at Second Bridge, Mocha, East Bank Demerara by a lone, armed perpetrator.

According to Ramlakhan, diligent work on the part of the Force has resulted in the arrest of a 27-year-old unemployed suspect of 96 Nelson Street, Mocha who was on Wednesday positively identified by the victims.
The suspect, Dillion Joel Dublin, has since been charged with six counts of robbery under arms and will be arraigned before a Magistrate soonest, said the police PRO is a statement. 
Meanwhile, Ramlakhan posited that Dublin is also being questioned in relation to an attempted robbery and shooting of a cashier, Kathy Vyphuis and her supervisor identified  as Tommy Lee, which occurred at Plantation Providence about 02:00hrs on Tuesday.

Vyphuis, a single mother who has also been identified as the daughter of retired Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), George Vyphuis, was left in a traumatized state after she was attacked by an armed and masked bandit in front of her Plantation Providence, East Bank Demerara home.

Kathy Vyphuis

Speaking to INews on the day of the incident, Kathy Vyphuis was in tears while describing her horrifying encounter, and constantly praising her neighbour, Nicole Telford for coming to her “rescue.”

According to the single parent, she finished working at around 02:00hrs, and was given a drop home by her supervisor- identified only as Tommy Lee.

She recalled that as soon as the car pulled up in front of her flat concrete home, she noticed a masked man approach her supervisor in the driver’s seat, holding a gun.

Vyphuis recalled that she quickly scrambled out of the vehicle after hearing the bandit ordering “Tommy Lee” not to move.

The supervisor then accelerated and managed to flee in his car, but not before being shot once to his hand. The bullet reportedly went through his hand and punctured his leg.

The bandit then turned on Vyphuis who was attempting to flee on foot, but instead stumbled and lost her footing, crashing into a nearby gutter.

“I was crying and throwing my bag at him and telling him I don’t have anything. Let him take my bag. I was begging for my life,” she said.

At that point, the perpetrator reportedly picked up the woman’s handbag and hopped onto his bicycle, leaving the scene.

The sobbing woman began running towards her neighbours’ doors, shouting for help but was met with no one opening their doors for her, except for her “life saver” Nicole Telford.

“I called for help and no body open the door except for Ms Telford. She opened her door and asked if anyone was with me, and I said no. She tell me walk and come slowly and mek sure no one was following me.”

The woman displaying her wound

It was only after Vyphuis reached the safety of Telford’s home that she realized she was covered in mud and blood, after reportedly being shot once to her hand. She however, could not recall when she was hit.

The two women sought to contact the police as well as Vyphuis’ father.


The single mother was subsequently treated at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre.

Inews was reliably informed that the supervisor, who was on Tuesday admitted to the  Georgetown Public Hospital for his wounds, is in a stable condition but has not been discharged from the hospital.


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