Man implicated in Berbice double murder turns self in


Romeo Deonarine who is believed to have been wanted for questioning in relation to the recent double murder in Berbice turned up at the Whim Police Station with his attorney.

On Monday, Police issued wanted bulletins for 28-year-old Yougendra Jeenarine of Lot 439 Bush Lot, Corentyne, Berbice and his 32-year-old accomplice, Kelvin Shivgobin, of Belvedere, Corentyne, Berbice, in connection with the murder of Harricharran and Premcharran Samaroo, which occurred on December 31.

However, the men had already been taken into custody before the wanted bulletins were published and broadcast. In fact, the men were in custody for more than 72 hours.

Jeenarine was arrested on January 3 and was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital to see a doctor on Saturday after he had told his lawyer, Chandra Sohan that he was beaten by the Police. Shivgobin, the second suspect, was arrested the following day.

Following the incident on December 31, Police were able to arrest one suspect who was able to provide limited information. It was reported that on the night in question, the now dead brothers were imbibing with Deonarine along with a cousin who had arrived in Guyana from the US.

Reports are that Deonarine left the house before the electricity went out. It is believed that he might have orchestrated the robbery-murder.

Investigators were able to identify Deonarine in a photo taken at the home hours prior to the incident. The suspect, who is said to be from Bush Lot, Corentyne, has been implicated in several other robberies on the Corentyne.

He, along with others, was last month granted bail on an armed robbery charge.


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