Man held in connection with the murder of his ‘best friend’


Police are now investigating the circumstances which led to the death of an auto repair technician on Monday morning following a alleged drinking spree with his neighbour at Industry Front, East Coast Demerara.

Dead is Alan Bhagwandin, 45, of Industry, East Coast Demerara.

Bhagwandin’s body being removed from the scene of the crime

Based on information received, on Monday morning, Bhagwandin and Mahase Dhanraj- who was described as his best friend- were imbibing at Bhagwandin’s residence when they reportedly became involved in a heated argument.

According to Dhanraj’s sister, Sumintra Sugrim, she heard the commotion, but did not think much into it since the duo frequently argued.

After their argument died down, Sugrim said her brother came to her gate, but did not go into details about the argument he had with the now dead man.

The suspect- who was visibly drunk- was taken into custody

Bhagwandin’s body was later found motionless, and it was revealed that Dhanraj may have dealt the man a blow to his head using a piece of wood.

This reportedly left the 45-year-old unconscious but the still enraged suspect allegedly continued to hit him with the wood for several minutes.

Police were seen admitting the tool as evidence.

The suspect- who was visibly drunk- was taken into custody.

Bhagwandin is said to be a deportee from the United States of America deportee, who resided alone.


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