Man found dead in interior, family wants answers

Yogindra “Steve” Ramkarran

The decomposed body believed to be that of 34-year-old Yogindra “Steve” Ramkarran of Number 72 Village, Berbice, was discovered lying near an old truck in Mahdia, Region Eight, on Thursday.

Ever since the discovery, his relatives have reportedly been unclear as to what led to his demise and are yet to see his remains.

The now dead man’s sister, Somwattie, told Inews on Sunday afternoon that although over three days have passed since receiving news of her brother’s death, she along with her other siblings are clueless about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Yogindra “Steve” Ramkarran

“I did not know anything wrong but one of my sisters called me on Thursday and said that she heard that Steve died. My husband called the sawmill where Steve was working and the owner told him that Steve died and that they are making preparation to bring out his body from the river. On Friday my husband called back and was told the same thing and we have not heard back anything until now.”

However, the distraught woman stated that three of her brother’s colleagues visited her home on Friday and informed her family that Steve’s body was in a state of decomposition and could not be removed from the location where it was found.

“They say that the body had to burn right there or bury right there but we did not see a picture with him to know if it is Steve. I don’t know what happened with Steve. The first call my sister gave me she told me Steve was in an accident with a truck but when my husband called the boss man he said like Steve had fight or maybe he had a few drinks since July 1st was holiday…I don’t know if he fight with anyone but I don’t know nothing.”

The distraught sister lamented that the police ranks who are investigating the matter have not made contact with them.

“My brother lived with both of us because he does not come out really for long maybe two or three weeks. My small sister is calling me from Cayenne. I cannot give her an answer because nobody is giving me an answer.”

However, Commander of F Division (Interior locations), Kevin Adonis when contacted on the matter, explained that the body that had been discovered was already brought out of Mahdia and is awaiting a post-mortem.

“The police cannot burn anybody or send ashes to any family. The owner of the camp assisted in bringing the man’s body out because he is also a relative. So, the body supposed to already be at Lyken’s for PME today.”

Meanwhile, according to a police source close to the investigation, the decomposed body was in a “terrible” state and it is believed that Ramkarran might have been ill, thus leading to his death.