Man drowns at Kamakabra Creek, Ituni


A 31-year-old man of Vive-La-Force, West Bank Demerara (WBD) on Monday afternoon drowned at the Kamakabra Creek, Ituni, Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice).

The victim has been identified as Patrick Lord.

Reports are that Lord and his brother along with some coworkers were heading to UNAMCO Road, Upper Berbice River, when they stopped in Linden for fuel and food.

When they arrived in Ituni at around 15:30hrs, they made another stop at Rankin Shop to get supplies where they also consumed rum.

After imbibing, the group continued their journey but decided to stop at Kamakabra Creek for a swim.

Lord was swimming near a koker and after other persons in the group realised that he went missing, they started to look for him in the water.

After searching for about ten minutes, they found his body and pulled him from the water.

Lord was rushed him to the Ituni Health Centre, where he was transferred to the Linden Hospital Complex, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.