Man dies following Grove fire, police investigating


A man is now dead following a fire of unknown origin at his father’s home in Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara during the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Dead is Sean Prince who was residing at the lot 67 Side Line Dam, Golden Grove home that his father migrated from some years ago.

Based on information received, Prince was last seen by neighbours “liming” with his friends along the Railway Embankment at around 01:00hrs this morning. However, after the man returned home, it was reported that smoke was scene emanating from the two story concrete building at around 01:50hrs.

As such the Fire Service was contacted. Neighbours said calls for the now dead man went unanswered, and due to the fact that the flames overtook the home rapidly, no one was able to enter the building.

Nevertheless a bucket brigade was launched, but this proved to be futile.

Firefighters arrived at the scene approximately half an hour after the fire had been reported.

Police have since received information purporting that the now dead man’s relative was seen removing household items from the house sometime before the fire commenced.

Investigations are ongoing.


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