Man denied bail after being charged with illegal gun possession


Twenty-one-year old Richard Edwards earlier today appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to face charges of illegal gun possession.


gunThe young man who hails from Flatts Matthews Ridge, Region One made an appearance in front of Magistrate Judy Latchman.


It was alleged that on January 19, 2016, he was found to be in possession of a firearm without being a legal firearm holder or having a license to do so.


Edwards pleaded not guilty to the charge stating that the gun did not belong to him.


The Prosecuting Officer told the Court that on the day in question, police ranks after being tipped off about the situation had discovered Edwards on the street.


According to the Prosecutor, after the defendant saw the police ranks approaching, he threw the gun away and tried to escape by running away.


However, the police officers were able to retrieve the gun and later arrested the defendant.


Magistrate Latchman denied bail remanding the defendant to prison.


The matter will return to Court on February 4th 2016.



  1. Man denied bail after being charged with illegal gun possession
    Yall PNC police leave meh bretheren alone yeah..
    Without de gun meh brother Richard Edwards is a no body and have no status in society.. We need de gun since its our tool do do our job..well the whole world knows whats our job our full time job to geh rich quick


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