Man charged for killing US-based Guyanese during brother’s wedding celebrations in Berbice

Eon Gonsalves

A 26-year-old man was this morning charged in relation to the murder of US-based Guyanese, 21-year-old Lakan Chatterpaul during his brother’s wedding celebrations on March 9, 2022.

Eon Gonsalves of Grant 1802 Crabwood Creek, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore at the Number 51 Village Magistrate’s Court where he was not required to plead to the charge of murder.

Gonsalves was remanded to prison and the case was transferred to the Springlands Magistrate’s Court where it will be called up again on May 31.

Chatterpaul of Ohio, USA – along with five other family members – had arrived in the country to attend his brother’s wedding at Crabwood Creek.

The man was reportedly stabbed to death during an altercation with three men who showed up at his relatives’ house during a party.

According to the man’s grandfather, they were having a get-together at his home when the three suspects walked in the yard.

After the suspects, who are from the community, reportedly began to smoke marijuana, the family asked them to leave.

The suspects left the yard and went onto the street where they began to destroy the vehicles belonging to persons at the party.

As such, family members rushed out to confront the trio. It was during this altercation that the young man was stabbed once to his heart.

He was rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Two of the suspects were initially arrested while the third escaped. One of the suspects has since been released while Gonsalves was charged.

The third suspect, who is believed to have delivered the fatal blow, remains in hiding.