Man burnt to death in De Willem house fire

A fire of unknown origin has claimed the life for a young man who was sleeping in bed last night as it ravaged through his uncle’s home burning it to the ground.
Nineteen year old Satesh Jagmohan, called James, of area ‘G’ De Willem, West Coast Demerara (WCD) had been out drinking last evening with some friends at a local nightspot a few villages away from his residence. INews understands that he returned to his parent’s home just before 23:00hrs, had dinner, then went to his uncle’s residence which was two yards away to spend the night.
According to a relative, the young man’s uncle was “away” and Satesh was tasked with sleeping at the residence to “care take” of it until his uncle returned home. This was the last time his parents and seven siblings saw him.
Reports are that Satesh retired to bed moments after he locked up his uncle’s house and had lit a lamp to provide light throughout the night.
Less than an hour after this neighbours began raising alarms that a fire was burning the house down. Many persons rushed out to render assistance but the fire spread rapidly through the wooden building. The intense heat from the fiery  blaze prevented persons from rescuing the young man.
One neighbour told INEWS that she telephoned the fire service immediately but almost an hour had passed before a fire tender responded to the scene, but by then it was too late. Satesh was badly burnt inside the bedroom of the house and a small part of his body was recovered. Reports are the rest of his body was nothing but ashes when the blaze was put out.
At this point in time it is uncertain as to how the fire started and the cause of the young man’s death.
The police and fire service are investigating. (Kristen Macklingam)


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