Man breaks arm a second time after speeding car slams into parked vehicles


Police in Berbice have launched an investigation into an apparent attempt by a constable attached to the Traffic Department to cover-up evidence regarding a three-vehicle collision on the East Bank of Berbice on Thursday evening.

Reports indicate that the accident occurred at about 20:30hrs, where a speeding car collided into two parked vehicles and two bicycles on the Edingburg public road, East Bank Berbice.

INews understands that the driver was at the time, under the influence of alcohol.

Eyewitnesses at the accident scene related that after the collision, the driver of the motor car, Paul Holder, informed them that it was his birthday. However, the details on his driver’s licenses stated that he was born on December 11.

Meanwhile, Holder told law enforcement officials that his vehicle wheel had suffered a blow-out and he lost control of the vehicle.

One of the two passengers who were in the speeding car disclosed that moments prior to the collision, the car was traveling at 140MPH. The other passenger identified as Jermain August, 28, of Edingburg, is now a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital with a fractured arm.

INews was informed that August was discharged from the medical facility just yesterday after he had broken a limb in a vehicular accident on August 22 of this year.

Bhiro Ragbeer, a driver of one of the parked vehicles stated that he was in close proximity to his vehicle, and had to make a quick dash to safety upon the impact. The driver of the other parked car, Maxwell Semple noted that he did not see what transpired.

According to the Officer-in-Charge of Traffic, Superintendant Boodnarine Persaud, the matter was not reported and he only knew of it when a civilian informed him.

Persaud noted that the constable claimed to have carried out a breathalyzer test on Holder at the New Amsterdam Police Station where it was recorded that there was no alcohol in the driver’s system.

Investigations are ongoing.


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