Man arrested for beating wife with belt, injuring her with knife

After 23 years of marriage a husband may soon face jail time for allegedly chopping his wife to her head with a kitchen knife. This was immediately after using a belt to beat her mercilessly at their Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD) home.
violenceThe incident occurred on Sunday afternoon when the man returned to his house intoxicated.
INews understands that the man began shouting at his wife and children to pack up their belongings and move out of his house.
Shortly after this neighbours heard loud noises and the woman screaming.
They had not expected the husband to use his belt to abuse the woman much less proceed to injure her with a knife and did not realise this until it was too late.
However, the woman managed to escape further physical abuse by her husband and subsequently made a report to the police station.
The suspect is said to be in police custody.
According to a source, the man’s wife said she had never thought that her husband would have acted in such a ‘life threatening’ manner.
“She said that they married since she was 18 years and that although he and her would have ‘issues’ she didn’t expect that…but he used to hit her and (abuse) her before…she said she didn’t expect him to go to this extent,” the source said. (Kristen Macklingam)



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