Man arrested after robbing woman at gunpoint

The gun retrieved from the alleged bandit

An alleged thief along with his accomplice are in police custody following a robbery committed on a 42-year-old woman at Bourda Market on Tuesday.

Reports are that the woman was about to make a purchase at a stall when at around 14:30hrs, an armed man approached and demanded her handbag.

The woman refused and the perpetrator lashed her to the chest with the gun, relieved her of the bag, and then made his escape in a motorcar which was parked north on Regent Street.

The police were summoned and managed to locate the getaway car. They immediately gave chase, resulting in the suspect attempting to dispose of the firearm. However, the unlicensed gun was retrieved by police, and both the suspect and the driver were arrested.

They remain in custody assisting with the investigation.

Meanwhile, the stolen items were also recovered.