Man accused of snatching cell phone remanded to prison

The accused: Emanuel Laurel
The accused: Emanuel Laurel

[]Twenty – four – year – old Emanuel Laurel was charged with the offences of possession of narcotics and robbery.

Laurel pleaded guilty to the narcotics charge and not guilty for the robbery charge before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry.

According to the allegations, on October 18 at Brickdam and Water Street Georgetown he snatch one cell phone valued $40,000 property of Mahendra Sahadeo and on the same day he also had one gram of cannabis in his possession.

According to police prosecutor Bharrat Mangru; the complainant was walking along Brickdam in the vicinity of Water Street while on his cell phone when he received a sudden cuff to his face by the accused, who snatched his cell phone and ran away.

The prosecutor noted that the complainant raised an alarm alerting police ranks who gave chase and apprehended the accused. A search was conducted on his person and the cell phone was recovered along with one gram of cannabis.

After hearing the case, the Chief Magistrate fined the accused $3.000 along with six months of community service for the narcotics charge, while refusing bail for the robbery charge. Emanuel Laurel is expected to return to court on November 8. [Royan Abrams]



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